Sunday, December 22, 2013

Extended Edition Book on Dawson Now Available

Thanks to new input that we received from the United States and Austria, a new extended edition of the book on Albert K. Dawson and his photographic work during World War I is now available on the Amazon websites in America and Europe.

With special thanks to Norbert Brown (Vincennes) and Sema Colpan (Vienna) for their invaluable information from over here and over there!

In this new edition, the reader will learn more on Dawson's first photographic assignments, his youth in his hometown Vincennes, Indiana, his reports in Vincennes on the Great War, as well as the letters that he wrote to his family on his experiences in wartime Europe.

Over 30 new pages have been added to this edition of Shooting the Great War: Albert Dawson and the American Correspondent Film Company, 1914-1918.