Saturday, June 28, 2014

Welcome Aboard, Jim!

Thanks to publisher John Libbey and the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, we have recently completed a new project. Our next book will be called American Cinematographers in the Great War and will be a complete overview of the adventures of American cameramen in World War I, set against the rise of the American film industry and the use of film for propaganda purposes by the European authorities.

Co-Author Jim Castellan

As co-author for this new book, we welcome aboard James W. Castellan, an independent scholar researching a biography of journalist Oswald F. Schuette and articles about some historically significant individuals with whom Schuette associated, including photojournalist and World War I cinematographer Wilbur H. Durborough. Castellan, a graduate of Brown University with an M.S. from the University of Pennsyslvania, retired from the pharmaceutical industry in 2001.