Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Authors' Presentations at IAMHIST Conference in Bloomington

The International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST) has asked us to attend the upcoming conference in Bloomington, Indiana, and present our recent research material on the American film legacy of World War I. The theme of this conference is "Media & History Revisited" and will focus on the influence of digital media on film historical research. The conference is at the Indiana University Memorial Union in Bloomington from June 17-20.


On June 18, between 11-12.30 AM, Cooper Graham will attend a session on key figures in media politics, and present our latest film historical research on the Irish nationalist, Sir Roger Casement. This session will be in the Persimmon Room of the Indiana University Memorial Union.

The next day, on June 19, both Cooper Graham and Jim Castellan will attend a session in the Maple Room between 11-12.30 AM. Jim Castellan will explain about the way he used online surrogate sources to document Wilbur Durborough's World War I film On the Firing Line with the Germans (1915). Cooper Graham will give a presentation on the online research to trace the mysterious Donald C. Thompson, a war photographer from Kansas. Finally, Ron van Dopperen has prepared a presentation on the reconstruction of Albert Dawson's life and work as a film correspondent during the Great War. Ron can't make it to fly over to the USA but true to the conference's theme he will log in through Skype and attend the conference online.

For more information on the international conference check out the IAMHIST website.

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