Friday, June 19, 2015

Video Presentation WW1 Cinematographer Albert K. Dawson

On June 19, Cooper Graham and Jim Castellan attended the conference of the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST) in Bloomington, Indiana, and presented their latest research work on the American film correspondents of the First World War.

Albert K. Dawson, 1915

Ron van Dopperen couldn't make it to the United States but went online and prepared a video presentation on Albert K. Dawson (1885-1967) from Vincennes, Indiana, and his remarkable life and work as a camera correspondent during World War I. 

As a brief introduction, here is a presentation paper for the IAMHIST Conference.

The presentation by Ron on Albert Dawson has also been uploaded on our YouTube channel.

For more information read our book Shooting the Great War: Albert Dawson and the American Correspondent Film Company, 1914-1918, available on Amazon.

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