Friday, October 2, 2015

Pordenone Catalogue Features Restored World War I Film

On the Firing Line with the Germans, the 1915 World War I film shot by Wilbur H. Durborough, features in this years edition of the catalogue of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival. As announced before, after almost one hundred years the movie will have its second premiere on Friday October 9, 2015, as part of the World War I Centennial program by the Pordenone Festival and accompanied by a special musical arrangement. It has been restored and digitized by the staff of the Library of Congress.

Durborough (left) with American reporters on the Eastern Front. Frame from his war film

The Pordenone Film Catalogue describes the importance of this World War I movie for early film history and also has some comments by Marten van Harten, on behalf of the International Network of Museums for Peace, on the special significance of this film for the 20th century peace movement. The restoration of the Durborough film has been enthusiastically supported by this international organization.

The catalogue description of the Durborough World War I film can be viewed and downloaded here.

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