Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Close Up: The Columbia School of Military Photography (1918)

America's first school of Military Photography started during World War I at Columbia University in New York. From January 1918, still photographers and motion picture cameramen were trained for the U.S. Signal Corps that had been assigned to record America's involvement in the First World War.

Military cameramen at Columbia University (1918)

Photo Collection

We recently came across an interesting photo collection on the activities at Columbia University where the campus had been transformed into a military training ground for photographers and cinematographers. These pictures were taken in 1918 by the U.S. Government for documentary and publicity purposes and are now at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The photographs show how American cameramen were trained for the U.S. Army and provide us with an excellent coverage of all the buildings and facilities at the military school during the First World War.

We have posted before on the Columbia school of military photography during World War I in two previous weblogs:

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The pictures on the U.S. School of Military Photography at Columbia University are available for download here, including some outstanding pictures that were found by Harry Kidd.

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